2 Hours in Kyoto

We left Tokyo at 5:21 using the Seishun Juhachi Kippu.


8 and a half hours later we were at Kyoto Station.

Kyoto station is a modern marvel. A beautiful piece of architecture and civil engineering that as a concept needs to be expanded on in future buildings… especially in the new ‘lets be green hippie veggie eaters’ world.

P1060979 P1070001 P1060978


Once you leave the station however you get transported back in time. I honestly didn't see too much but what I saw was rather spectacular. We hit up one of the many many famous sights… Kinkaku-ji.



P1060985 P1060987

The pictures don’t do it Justice… You have to go there.. You just have to!


It was a rather mind-blowing start to what would become one of the more awesome experiences of my life. Sadly I couldn’t see Ginkaku-ji or Kiyumizudera… but I intend to visit Kansai again soon enough so I will see it all in good time.


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