Tokyo Anime Fair 2010-03-26

This year Luka and David joined me and we made an outing of the event to shoot an episode of Shin Yamato Damacy.
So what is the Tokyo Anime Fair? Its an Anime Fair in Tokyo. that's it. Animation companies sell their wares to buyers from all over the globe. It Japan’s biggest commercial anime exhibit featuring all the big and many small names in the Animation industry in Japan.
Like Tokyo Auto Salon this year… it was hit by the recession. It was a record event in so far as visitor numbers are concerned, but unlike 2009, the stands were a bit underwhelming.
Maybe Last year I was hit with the HOLY CRACK WHORE wowness of being in Japan and being at a real live anime event in the land of the rising sun so It seemed more than it really was. but I honestly was not blown away this time.
I did have fun however… and I do know that there is some interesting stuff, like a new 3d Captain Harlock and a new Trigun movie coming out… of course there was K-On season 2’s promotion aswell. I discovered Peeping Life which looks at least as awesome as The World of Golden Eggs and I found a sweet company that prints T-Shirts. As for new anime… It may have been me but there was no big huzzah about anything unlike last year.
there were lovely ladies though… there are always lovely ladies at these things. So I guess not all was lost. and yeah It was awesome to be real press for a day. and even more awesome actually interviewing peeps for the next SYD (its been delayed by the same thing that has delayed this blog in the last week)

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P1020801 P1020791 P1020744
P1020772 P1020779 P1020749
P1020796 P1020783 P1020784

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