Shots #01 The Minakami Line


I take a crapload of pics and sometimes the don’t fit into 5 hit combos or even longer posts, So I will just put them up sommer because I can :p
I will not post more than 1 a day though… I may just twitpic some as well :D
the point of the exercise is to have you tell me what you think… SO DO JUST THAT!!!!


the first one is a picture of a train… yeah No shit.

I am not a densha-otaku so that's all I can really tell you :p


Ben said...

Nice shot, good angles and color mix! You used a DSLR for that, yeah?

Daruku-sensei said...

many thankses

I used an interchangeable lens camera... Lumix GH1.

While I wouldn't mind a D700 or 5Dmk2

truth is there is nothing that an APSC cam can do better than a m4/3 cam... M4/3 is the future of mainstream photography. the APS format is nothing more than marketting to flog the SLR dead horse.

full frame has its uses but apart from those few pro applications nobody needs more.

as for the colors... thank nature for the good weather. the sun brought everything out!