The best S2000 I have ever seen…


Honda’s S2000 is a legendary car. It is a marvel of engineering and is not too bad looking in general. For some reason however, Honda fans (In Japan… In my experience) Either go track Otaku or keep their cars in pristine stock condition like it is some collectors item or investment for future resale…


And drift cars? There are so few that we may as well say they don’t exist. Hondaists frown on drifting. Hell with the exception of a crazy boy in South Africa I know Hondaists seem to frown on fun for fun’s sake in general.


This beast is not owned by a Hondaist. It’s owner came from the RX7-FD world and got the S2000 when his job forced him to get a Honda (He works for them) He is a drifter so he does what all drifters do…


Drives the tits off his car and burns all the shits he could not give about the look of his car with his tires. His mods are functional (except for the paintjob, I suppose) and the amazingly cool look that his car has as come from hours of grueling driving and dueling with other cars while going sideways.


The result is a look that is far more beautiful than any Auto Salon floor queen or dressed up cruiser could ever be. It tells a story. It is a piece of automotive impressionism that depicts the passion of it’s creator.

P1050495 P1050486-2
P1050518 P1050526-2


This is by far the best S2000. No the Best Honda I have ever seen.

Let me know what you think…

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