I feel alive...

The wind, While not quite as strong as a jozi summer storm, is more powerful than anything I have felt before. It's not the strength of the wind but the sense of energy in the air around me.


I can feel nature. Not the happy hippy treehugging, veggie eating illusion of nature. You can feel raw naked energy. Standing in the gusting wind with metal blaring in my ears.


I cannot remember how long it's been since I have been at one with myself like this. At one with the naked energy of the world that courses through my veins.

Driving me.
Charging me.

Shredding the bullshit and shattering the illusions. Un covering the truth behind the veil of safety and order that endevours to smother life's true aspect.

The typhoon is alive.
It is life.
I am alive.

I am the typhoon. Time to throw some trees!

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