Jesus H Christ in a Manga… no shit!

You cannot take the Christians anywhere. There is always a small group of them who want to spread their word like H1N1 spreads in an elementary school. Even in Japan J-HOE witlessness prowls through the streets of Shibukawa, trying enslave the weak minded.
In an effort to spread their plague to the misguided heathens of this fine land, they have turned to manga… a rather badly drawn one but still.
I was staring at it incredulously and they mistook my shocked disgust for interest. They actually gave it to me and said I should pass it along. So here I pass on to all who read this. Jesus immortalised in manga.. kicking ass and taking names. the funny thing is, the Bible stories in the book make for a great manga. But then the bible is quite possibly the second best fantasy book after the Lord of the Rings so yeah.
I kid, I kid.
IMGP4822 IMGP4823
IMGP4824 IMGP4825
IMGP4826 IMGP4827
IMGP4828 IMGP4829

Not gonna lie.. it actually is a pretty good manga……… FOR ME TO POOP ON!

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