Pigs will fly...

Apparently last week the weekly threshold for influenza A and H1N1patients was breached. As per usual. Memos and messages go out. Masks are worn. The world is going to end!!!!

What's the reaction like in the rest of the world? Are classees being sent home/schools being closed?

-- Blogged in the field.


Daruku-sensei said...


Shibukawa is the most Infected city in Gunma!!!


Reitsu said...

Well, it was a big thing at my school at one point where every time someone sneezed someone would go "Swine Flu!" XD The school sent out flyers to parents telling them not to panic and even though several students had it at the same time they were just kept at home and the school never closed. Now it's practically disappeared from the country. XD The latest panic we had was Measles in Gauteng. XP [The government made it compulsory for everyone under 21 to get vaccinated - so we had our shots down at school.]

reitsu said...

Damn, typos!!! >_< "...Shots done at school."