Tokyo Auto Salon 2009

I hit the 2009 Tokyo Auto salon on the 11th of Jan with Takeo, Yoshitatsu, Takuya and Yuki

It blew me away. I mean Japan has always been tuner car central, but to see so many shit hot cars in one place was truly mindblowing.
It was in in central Chiba and was about the size of the rand show but it was all cars.

Auto Salon is basically a tuner expo, so it was about modified cars and parts used to make awesome cars even better.

Takuya's interesting engrish top

A really hot s14 with s15 headlights... Thats the colour i want to make my car eventually.

One of the D1 RX7s. seeing the D1 drift exhibition was inspirational to say the least. I need to get driving more.

Cars and Girls go hand in handle. or in this case, ass on bonnet.

there were some dodgy old dues with some truly awesome cameras who were only there to shoot the race queens.

big flashes and zoom lenses. all their pics come probably come out like shit aswell. the 50mm prime lens would own the hall.
hopefully i will have one and a camera that could use it by the next auto salon :3

Yes i'm gonna try blogging more.
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Kevin said...

ah snap son, I need me some of that engrish race queen goodness.

Daruku-sensei said...

i do too.

will post some moar TAS2009 pics later.

Kevin said...

please do and next time actually tell me you have a blog going....bastard