More TAS 2009

SN3E0276 SN3E0271
SN3E0277 SN3E0279
SN3E0280 SN3E0282
SN3E0283 SN3E0285
SN3E0274 SN3E0275
SN3E0278 SN3E0281
SN3E0267 SN3E0268
SN3E0270 Just a bunch of pics from the auto salon

Thats All I took... gonna start cutting together an episode of Shin Yamato Damacy with the video footage i got at the show this weekend sometime.


Kev said...

Hmmmm, what is that first white car? and snap what were you doing mooooore car show babes mooooore

Daruku-sensei said...

wait til i cut together the vid.. ths9i was still before i bought a camera. :p

and the white car is the Mugen concept NSX.