Shibuya #RealJapan

Before i lived here, I wasn't much of a fan of the Fuji/Sushi/Geisha/shrine images of Japan that Japanophiles, tend to spam the internet with. Nowhere on Earth is anything like the postcard, but the inability of visitors here to see past their sakura tinted glasses bugged me, after 8 years in Japan, it positively vexes me.

It may be one of the best places to live. I know I don't want to live anywhere else. But all the 'japanese culture' that the tourists shnarf like cocaine no more real than the twisted right-wing nationalism that Shinzo Abe is trying to force down everyone's throats. It's all a facade. Thick white makeup covering a pockmarked and blemished face.

I do my damndest to show the reality of this place, through well composed and quality Photo/videography. Sadly, if there is one universal truth about the vast herd of snapchatting baboons infesting the globe, it's that the last things anyone wants to see, are reality and quality.

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