The artisans behind mass production - Matsubara Reed Ltd. (JETRO)

Matsubara Reed is a company that makes metal reeds (read the article to find out what a metal reed is)
They didn't let me take photos sadly so no extras this time. I'll get to the articles with pics next week when I return from Nagano cos the internet here is not very good. 

The artisans behind mass production - Matsubara Reed Ltd.

Precision pieces crafted by hand

Unlike the items made with the reeds, the reeds themselves are all crafted by hand. It's a time-consuming and intricate process. Each piece needs to be perfectly finished and accurate to the smallest detail to ensure they meet the specific needs of the companies that rely on them.

Because there's no unified standard, each customer provides the density and measurements they require to Matsubara Reed who then designs each reed-assembled and finished by hand-to those exacting specifications. The jobs done by the craftsmen in the company are not particularly unique, but the intricate nature of the work means it can take up to ten years to truly master the process.

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