Epic Mission in Tokyo.

I went to Tokyo to take photos off Johnny. He rocked up with a friend who was rather more pleasing to shoot than my primary subject matter...

Johnny Jones x Misaki by DaRC 2013

We went around taking various shots, some of which turned out pretty damn well. Hopefully he uses all of them. Regardless, my portfolio has swollen quite a bit…

Johnny Jones by DaRC 2013 Johnny Jones by DaRC 2013 2
Johnny Jones by DaRC 2013 3 Johnny Jones by DaRC 2013 4

Eventually, beauty had to go home and the beasts were left to our own devices. We hit up an epic Yataimura inside a skyscraper for supper and then went to a hipster hole in the wall called “Trump Room” that Johnny and Yannick (who joined us for dinner) swore by.

crystal club

The décor was fantabulous with crystal chandeliers and mirrors everywhere. The crowd was mostly foreign hipster and as a result the vibe was very very dull. A whole 2 people were dancing (one was Johnny) and everyone else was basically boring as their stereotype suggests…

cute girls

Well not everyone… There were two pretty cool Japanese photographer chicks and their new half friend who I would have liked to have talked to… but I was in party mod so I vetoed the experience and we hoofed it to the Ageha Bus.

Johnny asleep

We partied it up at the Ageha CyberJapan Bikini Night party. The music was pretty good for house and with sufficient alcoholic and energetic inspiration (Jagerbombs) I was burning a hole on the dancefloor. Fun times were had. The CyberJapn dancers only helped things along. (sadly, cameras were taken away at the door so no pics)

We left at closing time and headed our separate ways.

Sunrise outside Ageha

I passed out at an Internet Café in Shibuya at around 8am and got up at midday. I had a conference in Yokohama the next Monday so I spent the Sunday around Tokyo. I wanted to hit up Akihabara but I needed a bath. Having searched out a bathhouse somewhere between Ueno and Akiba I set off in search of cleanliness only to be let down by my phone battery. I ended up somewhere near Asakusa. Thankfully a nearby convenience store was able to point me in the direction I wanted to go. Eventually I found it.

Ueno Sento

Not very cheap by Guma standards but a bargain by Tokyo standards. They also had jet baths!!!

Ueno Sento

I soaked off what had become one of my more epic missions in the capital and called it a day. Turns out there was a bus that went very near the bathhouse. I hopped the bus back to Ueno Station and went straight to Yokohama and rest.

Tokyo Bus

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