Love Rock 7 2012-04-21 @ Trust55

This is not so much of a live report really. Franky was having another Love Rock event and Quintet performance was going to be getting back together for it. I had been busy for the last few so I made a special point of going to this one.

more words and many pics after the jump...

More than the music, which was pretty damn good, Was the opportunity to meet many of the friends I had made thanks to the small events at Trust 55. With the exception of 3 or 4 I managed to catch up with everyone, share a few brews and rock out hard.
here is one band I want to mention though...
They are called Scion.

They do the screamo thing. They were a friendly bunch of guys and they were selling their debut independently published mini album for a whopping 500yens. I got a copy and gave them a listen and while I will not say they they were mindblowing. Individuals in the band really stood out. Their primary vocalist had raw energy and serious power behind his screams, Their drummer was AMAZING!!!!! Not quite Sujk to be fair but I put it down to practise not talent. this guy has some serious skill. While the band needs some work to be as tight as it could be I really hope that their drummer keeps at it and, even if not with scion, makes it to the big time. He was truly legendary.
In all though I had a blast, As I tend to do at these things. Good times with real people.
Thank’s Franky!

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