Samurai Tinkies

The 4th installment of the loudpark 2010 live report is about 35% done. In the mean time, enjoy this:

Among the many many free snacks... that I consume at school on a daily basis, I found this here gem.

Its basically a downsized Tinkie with a citrus jam like centre. Ok so its not really anything like a Tinkie but its the best analogy I can find that you guys would understand. It was that or a sweet spring roll, and 'Samurai Tinkie' sounds so much more epic than 'Sweet Samurai Spring Roll' でしょ!

As for the taste. It lacked the sickly sweetness that plagues the Tinkie and thus satisfies me a whole lot more. I daresay though, I would have liked it better with 餡子(anko - Azuki Bean jam) inside. but then ALL things sweet would taste better with 餡子 inside :D 

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