KitKat ~ Cheese



I have been meaning to blog up some of the  tasty bizarreness (bizarre tastiness?) that Japan has to offer. From sweets to unsavouries and everything else I manage to take photos of BEFORE I eat them.

First up KitKat. Cheese Flavour.

No shits.



Japan takes KitKat to new levels of bizarro with the various limited edition flavour runs and such but this has to officially be the bizzarroest of all that I have seen to date.KitKat-Cheese-03

Ok so it did taste good. It always tastes good. It also tasted like cheese. Not cheese cake, not Cream cheese.. actual cheese. Gouda blended with white chocolate. I must say this though. The marketing plan is solid. By releasing all these crazy flavours they guarantee that people WILL be buying a whole lot of KitKat. And paying a rather large amount for it to (This box was R40) But I mean, how could I not buy it!?

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