RastaBanana iPhone4 high gloss film *REVIEW*


I have been meaning to add tech reviews and product reviews to this blog for a while but I keep forgetting to take pics of the packaging (apparently, that matters to some people.)
Something else that people tend to put stock in is price. More expensive = better quality. Japan revolves around this concept and therefore a product like RastaBanana’s high gloss (and anti glare) protective films would generally fall into the cheap shit from china category.
Firstly: Its made in Japan
Secondly: any of the Softbank branded accessories are generally made by RastaBanana. You would think Softbank would not endorse complete crap.
The story begins with me purchasing a Tunewear Softshell case for my new phone. It seemed like the best quality TPU case out there at the moment since switch easy hasn’t released an iPhone4 version of their Vulcan cases. (at this time I too ignored the RastaBanana offerings.) No worries there, the case is awesome! gives me exactly what I want and does the same job as the Vulcan did on my 3g. in a word. Its perfect.

“the 「Tunewear Softshell」

case is awesome!…

The packaged film…was anti-glare

which completely STUFFED UP

the retina display.”

The problems were with the packaged film. It was anti-glare which completely STUFFED UP the retina display (and thus the point of adding Y1500 to my phone bill by switching to the 4). It was also bad quality. It was as bad as the case was good, much to my dismay. To remedy this disaster  had decided to get a power support crystal film ‘cos EVERYONE and their hipster dogs rates them as the best film makers by far. BUT they cost as much as most cases do so I decided to wait till after LOUD PARK to see if I had any loose cash lying around. In the mean time I decided a cheapo clear cover will be better than the anti glare piece of shit I had.

I hit up the K’s Denki in Shibukawa:

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They only had this RastaBanana stuff for ¥498. Ok it looked iffy and I was like… whatever its only for 2 weeks. I go home, opened the package and it was Spartan. no microfiber cloth, no applicator.. fokol. No worries, both came with the case. its cool. Its only for 2 weeks.

“…it fit like latex on Ancilla Tilla”

removed the Tunewear piece of shit film, ensured the screen was dust free and popped on the RastaBanana expecting a few bubbles and an iffy fit. To my surprise it fit like latex on Ancilla Tilla and the 2 bubbles that formed were eased out with no hassle whatsoever. It even fit with the Tunewear case better than Tunewear’s own film.
IMG_0072 IMG_0074 P1080617
Very impressed. sure it skimps on presentation but it hits a 6 where it counts. If you are looking at a power support film, get a RastaBanana instead. You won’t be disappointed. and you will have ¥800 extra to play with.