Kusatsu, Gunma, Japan (an update)


Kusatsu is regarded by everyone who counts as the best onsen (hot spring) town in Japan. Yes. the best in ALL Japan. Don’t believe me, ask the royal family. They will agree.

It just happens to be an hour and a bit drive away from Shibukawa. The only reason I don’t go there as often as all that is because Ikaho (the third best onsen in Japan) is just 15 mins away.

Regardless. I went there with Sayo for a day not too long ago and had a wonderful time there.


What makes the onsen in Kusatsu so famous is the extremely high sulphur content in the water curtsey of the nearby active volcano, mt.Shirane. it adds a beautiful hue and a putrid stench to the water that is pretty good for you. It is also extremely hot.


the_back_alley with_babes
sulphur_sifter china_in_japan

As it was a day trip, we perused the narrow streets of the town, taking in the beautiful ambiance and each other’s company, and generally had great time. But seeing as I only ever seem to have great times if you read this blog, that goes without saying :p


So lets just say present company made for an even greater time that I usually have.


 drunk_dag …and we even met an alcoholic dog.


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