Update~ KONYAKU!

No, I didn't sneeze… No, its not Japanese for cognac… No, I didn’t insult your your mother…well maybe I did but that has nothing to do with this.


Konnyaku is a jelly like substance which is made using this weird ass root that grows underground for 2-3 years. It is supposed to have 0 calories and is supposed to be good for you. I dunno about that but it does taste pretty decent.

I was invited to the konnyaku making shindig at the Shimogo (My Neighbourhood) community centre. I figured that it was free food and i got to meet the community… uberWIN.



I was essentially there for 2 hours speaking to the grandmothers of the community about various things while they made the konnyaku (men don't make konnyaku it seems) They were fun and cute as most old people are and It was a refreshing change. I particularly enjoyed the way the 2 eldest  talked about their days in nursery school together and used each other’s nicknames from back then.

After that it was time to eat. It was akin to a feast. All in all it was a good day.


If any of you are ALTs or just Foreigners in Japan, How do you interact with your community? Do you also get invited to these events? and do you accept the invitation?

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