Update~ First Snows

I have allowed myself to get woefully behind in this bloggery business. I apologise.


This is the first of a Bunch of Updates which I will release to bring things closer to the present.


on the 3rd of November Gunma experienced record high snowfall… yes… NOVEMBER!!!!!!111one


In the grip of global warming we seem to be bracing for one of the coldest winters Japan has seen for some time (unless of course its just early and February will be early spring).

The temperatures now are more akin to last years mid to late December, NOT late November… If things continue, this will be the coldest winter of my life. It would be more exciting however if Japan understood the concept of insulation. I’m afraid that think pink here has every cute and fluffy connotation you could imagine except good ol’ Aerolite. But enough bitching.


on the 3rd Snow fell from the sky, turning the tops of Mt. Komochi, Mt. Akagi and Mt. Haruna a colour reserved for late December. So much fell in fact that when I went looking for it 2 days later on Mt. Haruna, I actually found some. And a fair amount at that!

IMG_0382 IMG_0386
IMG_0384 IMG_0380


Snow in November… Whats next?


calvaryxyz said...

re:SnoW In NovEMber WAts NeXt??

ummmmm LEts seeee!!!! Ummmmm a boy named iAn coMmeNtiN Ur blOOg>>


Daruku-sensei said...

and I thoughroughly appreciate it. There are not enough comments here... everyone comments on my facebook feed.

You do need to work on your spelling somewhat though :p