Komochi Children’s Home… Round 2

This trip to the children’s home was an actual visit for the kids as opposed to a trip to  there fete. We introduced ourselves in our own special ways and got to see the Kid’s houses. We also basically got to know them a little bit better.


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it looks better, i swear!



Brian teaching them how to surf… yes we can.



Hisami and Akira doing a duet.



Ian’s BANANA song… actually it was quite epic.


I had a cool DVD video presentation about SA and peeps from home to a Mandoza soundtrack… the kids seemed to like it.

In general i have found Kwaaito goes down well here.



Sam… speaking about AUSSIE… Oi?


Reitsu said...

Aww...it's really nice of you all to go and visit again.

Lol @ Mandoza...the question is however, did you make that presentation?

Daruku-sensei said...


i have grown to like kwaaito here.