Haruna Shrine


Just atop the Haruna-san i s a small shrine. A pretty well kept secret seeing as it took a pretty long time for me to learn of its existence. Well no I knew there was a shrine up there somewhere… I just had no Idea where.

I got a call from Sean at on a sunny Saturday and met him and a few other ALTs for a trip to the shrine. There was supposed to be some sort of matsuri going down but it turned out to be a lie.


Up the touge we went… I was a tad quicker than Jonas but then speed limits on my mountain are only restricted by whomever happens to be in front of me at the time. We pulled up by the lake, took a stroll and hit the slow-carts before heading off to the shrine.


Some of the local wildlife.

IMGP3407 A pride of Supras relaxing in the sun.

Sean and I took the clever option and drove to the entrance of the shrine to minimise  the walking.


we still had a fair amount of walking to do but walking in a shrine is pretty damn awesome. I still cant believe it took me so long to go to the place!

We went past Pagodas, along paths near waterfalls and up a good many stairs to get to the actual shrine but it was well worth it in the end.

by the way… you can click on the pics to make them bigger… just so you know.

Haruna Shrine 15 Haruna Shrine 14 Haruna Shrine 13
Haruna Shrine 12 Haruna Shrine 11 Haruna Shrine 10
Haruna Shrine 09 Haruna Shrine 08 Haruna Shrine 07


Haruna Shrine 01 Haruna Shrine 02
Haruna Shrine 03 Haruna Shrine 04
Haruna Shrine 05 Haruna Shrine 06

Haruna Shrine Snake Yeah and I also saw a snake!

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