So I remembered that I had a blog and decided that i need to drop some hasty updates in the next few days…

It is spring in Japan, quite possibly one of the best seasons I have ever experienced in my life, yes even better than Jozi spring and Mid Jozi winter (those who don’t appreciate how awesome our winter days in Jozi are need to go without them for a while)

The beginning of spring in the land of the rising sun is marked by the blooming of cherry blossoms or sakura.



A lot has been said and written and attributed to these flowers. All I can say is that seeing them in real life was an pretty damn awesome.


I tagged along with my new 3rd years when they went to the shrine around the corner from our school (i will find out what it is called sometime or the other) It was the perfect day, the sakura were in full bloom. Hell it was straight out of a movie.




Hanami (looking at the flowers) is one of those must do at least once before you die experiences. The weather, the flowers, the way the entrenched age old Japanese tradition manifests in a modern Japan… and the flowers are pretty too.

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