At the beginning of the school year here, we get a fresh new batch of 1st graders (Std 5 equivalent). Fresh out of Primary school and ready for the big badass world of Junior high.

In an effort to recruit the new blood into the various clubs at the school, each club made recruiting posters. this is what they look like:

IMGP3262 IMGP3263
IMGP3279 IMGP3281  IMGP3272
IMGP3271 IMGP3257  IMGP3259
IMGP3261 IMGP3277  IMGP3275
IMGP3276 IMGP3274  IMGP3278

I personally like the Brassband posters the best.. they look like they are advertising a Gothic lolita girl band… that or an evil cult!


Reitsu said...

Aww...these are so cute. XD

Lol, the brass band picture also caught my attention 'cept I'd say it looks like they're advertising for a girl punk band or something.

Other ones that I like: "Volly Ball" team and the kendo club. XP

Daruku-sensei said...

I tracked down the girl responsible for the Brass Band posters.... it further confirms my theories about her.. she looks all cute and a little ditzy but she has evil eyes.

*Mental Note* chat with her more.