It's actually cheaper to drive into and around Tokyo than take the trains.

The whole train, public transport thing may be good for society. But it's not good for me. I can't stand Tokyo's trains and the selfish, idiots who ride them, Now, I no longer have to.

s14 シルビア

It's actually 10% - 15% cheaper to drive into Tokyo than to ride the train. Even in my 2 litre high octane drinking, carbon spewing, sportscar. It does take longer though, but 30 minutes more in an airconditioned comfortable space with my music as loud as I want it, as opposed to standing pressed up against a salaryman, absorbing his smoky hangover tinged sweat into my clothes? I'll leave early and drive every time I can.

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Assad said...

LOL. I've had my fair share of rude driving and arrogance back in the states. Glad to see you're in your comfy zone. How's parking in Tokyo? Lol