6Days8Minutes, Gratitude, a cover band and more... #7Days7Minutes (2016-03-07)

Another week, another late upload. Thanks for dealing with my constant lateness.  I wish I was only making videos here but quality content doesn't pay the bills (and I'd jump in front of a train before reducing myself to stupid 'top10 list bullshit assertion' vids) unless it's quality content for other people. Sadly, when I get any time away from work, I tend to want to avoid looking at any other videos, so things here start to go downhill.

Unfortunately, there is no way for me to change that, unless a magical trust fund appears, or I return to teaching (which I can't do right now because I shot that gig in the foot).

Here's to hoping I can find an escape before the stress kills me. Though right now... I'll take either outcome.

EDM by MilesM

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