60p, a murder in Yoyogi Park, Jiyugaoka and more... #7Days7Minutes (2016-02-08)

#7Days7Minutes is all I have time for these days, and sadly I'm not going anywhere, or doing anything all that interesting either.

Yet things are still behind here because of work.

I'm wading through a crap project which is the culmination of a long line of crappy deals, but unlike all the others, there is an actual paycheque (albeit a tiny one), rather than the mere promise 'exposure', so like a victim of domestic abuse, I keep crawling back for more punishment, and this channel and my physical/mental health suffers for it.

But I grind on, and while they are late, I'll keep pumping out some sort of content here and on instagram (https://www.instagram.com/darcnoodles/), till I eventually have that aneurysm.

Famipop from Amacha Music

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