Hanx Writer - Get this App!

my thoughts are in the screenshot.

It's an app designed by Tom Hanx (you know, the dude who saved Private Ryan) because he loves typewriters. While they are before my time I sure as hell love mechanical keyboards and the clicketty clackkety sound they make.

No jokes. It's simple and it works really well if you need to pound keyboard on a screen. It gives you that rhythm you need to keep typing. It also showed my why my Cherry MX Red corsair board is not so brilliant for typing. Time to look into Browns or blues, since I don't game anymore and type like a mad man.

and why did I decide to start punting apps on my blog all of a sudden?
Because I can. I'm not getting any cash for it or anything. If I punt it, its cos I like it.

Operating System: iOS (link)

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