A Tribute and Farewell to my Old Buddy

Financial woes have forced me to part with my well used, trusty Lumix GH1. It has been my backup camera up till now for all the times the GH3 messed it's pants and needed to be sent back to Panasonic for repairs. It was my first Digital interchangeable lens camera and my first proper camera that I bought with my own money.

When I bought it I had actually planned to get a Canon 7D because I knew I wanted Video and stills, but after using the cameras at the local electronics store, I realised that the Canon's video prowess was quite a bit behind the GH1s and the GH1's photographic abilities weren't that far behind the Canon's.

The fact that the GH1 lacked a mirror and therefore was a more modern, more compact design than the Canon tipped the balance. I have since taken numerous, excellent shots with it, Made some pretty good videos and have run it through the grinder.

It took everything I threw at it and went a good 4 years before It was replaced by the GH3. even then It has always been there when the fecal matter hit the fan. It really pains me to have to give it up.

In the end though, it can't be helped. All the paid work I've done and am doing will only pay me at the end of September and October and the rest was for that oh so magical, word "exposure" like magic however it's effects on reality are essentially bovine excrement. As a result, till the end of September I am in a very very bad financial situation.

Though it's beat up and won't fetch much money, right till the end, It's always been there for me. I hope whoever gets it wrings every last shot it has left in it and gets as much out of it as I have. I'm going to miss that little camera.

It batted way above it's average and destroyed all the armchair criticism that the Flappy Mirror sycophants constantly bleat about sensor sizes. it was also the camera that spearheaded the mirror-less revolution that is (finally) growing to dominate Imaging technology and pushing cameras to places that DSLRs could never take us.

Cheers buddy. Thanks for the memories. Lets hope you make a few more for someone else.

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