I'm 30 years old.

I'm officially old. My 20s have come to an end and I've summited and am now beginning to descend. My birthday present? An endoscopy (which I paid for) and the subsequent feeling like crap that goes along with having a camera shoved down one's throat. 

Good news: I definitely don't have stomach cancer, ulcers or anything visibly wrong.
Bad news: We have no Idea why my stomach is constantly giving me grief.

Maybe the very first diagnosis was the correct one... Stress.

In other news no birthday Party this year. There is nowhere to have a braai at our new place in Kawasaki. And even if there were, it's raining all day and I'm very very VERY broke this month. I AM getting a lot of exposure this month. But you can't eat exposure, nor can you have a birthday party with it. 

Seriously, those of you who know me... can you imagine ME not having an epic birthday party??!! In truth I would be unable to consume the amounts I'm used to consuming and so I wonder how crazed it would be but I'm old so an old man's party would still be better than no party. 

It's not all bad. My mom is in Japan. It's good to have the woman who birthed me and raised me around for my 30th birthday. We were gonna see a movie but all the stuff on circuit right now is crap so we got a burger and went home. She's making some home-cooked mom food right now though. She also brought a half-jack of Klipdrift from home so I can get a taste of the good times even if I'm not slugging a mighty mix (750ml klippies into 1.25l of coke).

but yeah. 30, on the 30th of April 2014. done and done. Now go watch my YouTube videos and share them with everyone you know so I can make some money to have a proper party sometime before the year is up.

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