One Day back home.


I had a freelance job that sent me to Gunma. It gave me the chance to recharge my mind and give me a much needed boost to get through my new life in the capital cesspool. I stayed the night with Yoshitatsu and managed to meet up with Tatsuya and Tsubasa. Talking cars and shooting the shit till 2am in the freezing cold brought back so many good times!

It was honestly the happiest day I had in recent memory. I met friends and dropped in on my old schools surprised my ex students and seeing their unbridled joy (after the initial shock) on both their and all my former co-worker’s faces was rather emotional.

I also got to eat my favorite ramen. I forgot just how much better it was than everything I've eaten here so far. Truly. One of the cat’s at the store however was not a fan of me at all.

I wish I could have stayed in Gunma. But Just that little bit of time in the one place that truly feels like home to me was enough to give me a little bit to keep me going.

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