Could it be… Culture Shock?

I've been so busy hating Tokyo that I forgot all that culture shock jibberjabber from JET orientation half a decade ago…

When passing on the info to a friend who is experiencing classic symptoms I realized that I too was experiencing them... Which means that I might actually like Tokyo after all in a few months when I adapt to all it's fake plasticity.

The thing is, I'm not so sure I like that…


I don't want to think of vacuous husks of soulless, brand huffing meat mannequins as being members of the same species as me. I think I actually like hating them, despite the stress it brings. Though in truth I have much in common with them than I choose to admit. It's just much easier to treat them like the insensitive, selfish scum that they pretend to be…

because they are different to me…

I sound ‘murican.

Though now that I know it's just culture shock I almost want to see if there are some humans under caked make up, vacant expressions and badly fitting suits...

meat-mannequins-9 meat-mannequins-4



I do think that in a month or 2 when I hit my stride here I will have to eat many a word... I mean they truly cannot be as out of touch with reality as the media makes them think they are... right? Well maybe that is possible especially since so many of them were happy about the Tokyo Olympics.


But seriously, even if they are ignoring to the realities facing the country, To take them at face value is a bit harsh….

Ok, the louts who don’t give their seats to old people on the trains will always be scum…

But I think maybe most of them are only soulless brand huffing meat mannequins because that’s what the city expects them to be and it’s so much easier to fit in than to be true. Does that mean that when I adjust to my new life here I will look vacantly through everyone going about my own things in my own way, ignorant or at least resigned to the fact that regardless of how much I rage I truly will not make any difference.


meat-mannequins-7  meat-mannequins-3

JohnnyTokyo would probably tell me to just ignore it and see the good side (because there really is one). That’s probably why he thrives here. I wonder if I will have the willpower to tolerate the levels of BS that one needs to to make this city home… Or whether I should just start applying for jobs in Osaka. Hell Maybe I just need to move back to Gunma, re-shaken the Silvia and take a good drive to cleanse the grime that has been deposited on my mind.

meat-mannequins-5 meat-mannequins-11

That would be nice but not realistic. 

There is always Shibuya. No matter how much I hate Tokyo I always love Shibuya. Despite having the highest concentration slaves to society, It also has a rich underbelly that cramps and spasms to continually keep the system slightly uneasy. It brings out the truth in people and shows them glimpses of freedom from their societal bondage . Yes. If I am to make something of a life for myself in this cesspool, Shibuya is the place to start.


I hate thinking rationally sometimes. I always have to figure out the truth behind my feelings Being able to blindly and irrationally hate people because you dislike them looks like a nice simple life.

Damn this got deep.

But I’m feeling better already!


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