Japanese Box Cars


Japan loves cars. Japan has given rise to some of the greatest names in automotive history. The GT-R. The NSX. The Supra. The LFA. The S2000. The AE86. The Lancer EVO. The Silvia. Hell even the WRX STI is a great name (though it is sullied by the idiots who drive them.) Basically. Japan does cars well. Japanese cars are also known for their tuning ability. you can unleash their power and dress them up to make them perform/look any way you could possibly want. The results of which (when googled) will yield a never ending selection of automotive eye candy for you to drool over. Two cars that will not come up in that search however are, the Nissan Cube and the Daihatsu Mira… And that is because they are (usually)Fugly.


Cars like dogs (and people mind you) are not all equally good looking. And as we are all too well aware of… There is no accounting for taste. Where I see a pug as a stunted runt with a kicked in face you might see a cute, adorable, fluffypuggle.


Likewise some people look at these ungainly blocks and can see ways to dress them up and make them presentable. They do this with a passion that rivals that of the sportscar and luxury tuning crew. And like those segments there are a number of different tuning styles that go with these cars.

A friend of mine and a former student of The Cat’s are two such passionate box car drivers. They put a good deal of time, effort and no small amount of money into their  little boxes and manage admirably to bring adjectives that are usually reserved for big names in the car world down to the consumer classes.
While I personally can’t see past the base shape of the cars… these ones are a bit like Tyrion Lannister. Pretty damn cool… despite having physical proportions that could never be seen as sexy. At least not to me anyway.

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