Ebisu circuit. Much ado about nothing


I went up to Ebisu circuit this past Friday as I had an itchy right foot that needed to be scratched. I had intended to get a full day’s practice in but by mid day I hung my arse off the track a bit too far and fell into a ditch.


The wheel wasn’t a huge loss but the bend ad crack in the lower arm put an end to the drifting for the day. I limped back to Gunma where I got a lower arm from my mate. He then told me to start at the stabilizer and figure the rest out. While I suppose I didn’t learn as much as I would like about drifting I did learn how to swap out a rear lower suspension arm. And to be fair, before I stuck my arse off the track I had done some of the best drifting I have EVER done I am still willing to call it a good day.

I have learnt however that I need to practice my line more. Specifically hitting the same line every time. That requires time… a commodity that is getting more and more precious these days. I will figure something out though. Drifting is too much fun. I would like to try milking it for a bit more.

Anyone of you have a rough car day of late?

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