Since the trackday at Ebisu Circuit, I had gained a good deal of suspension trouble from my riding the side of the track too hard. The alignment was so far off centre that it could only be called chaotic evil and the rear toe and camber arms needed replacement. After sorting all that, i gained a mysterious clunking from the rear of the car when the weight shifted or I went over bumps. after 3 looks at the struts and pillow balls (it sounded like pillow balls) we wiggled the subframe a bit when it was jacked up and found that the bushes were, in a word… F*CKED.
Replacing bushes is crazy difficult but you do get aluminium spacer collars that solve the problem. I ordered a set from my buddy Yoshi (Ring's) and to keep costs down, with Yoshi telling me what to do, I did the hard work myself. It was surprisingly not that difficult, though having someone who knew exactly what to do giving me instructions made the task much easier. I probably would have dis assembled half the rear subframe if I followed the tutorials on the various Silvia and 240sx forums that are out there.


All in all. Job done for the price of cheap parts and a delicious Hamburg steak. AND MY CAR FINALLY DRIVES PROPERLY AGAIN…
Well almost... The transmission is still on death's door and could give out at anytime.

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