Tokyo Tower.


The thing about friends visiting is that they always want to do touristy stuff which I tend not to do. Its not a bad thing though, that way I also get to experience the OOOH AAAAAAH side of things from time to time too. I must say though… going up the Tokyo Tower at night was pretty damn cool!


I have been to the capital more times than I can count and the reason why I had not done this in the last 4 or so years is beyond me. The city was always amazing, but from above, at night. Spectacular!


I especially like how I actually recognize the things, buildings and can spot the different cities and places I frequent more often than not. It is a different and welcome perspective that reminds me of the dreams I had about this city back when I was a student, while watching cyberpunk anime with Ray and Serpent.


Looking at these pics I desperately want to go back. I want to live there. I want to be in that teeming urban sprawl… It is possible that I have not been to a real city since these pics were taken and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the rural life. Don’t get me wrong, I have adapted to it and I love it… but my pulse is urban and, as I discovered on this trip, my senses and reflexes are far more attuned to city life. 


Having successfully derailed my train of thought I think it is time to end this post with the Tokyo Tower mascot. It was clearly designed for more innocent minds than mine, because I don’t see any resemblance to the Tower. Unless it is a reference to the fact that all towers are also tributes to masculinity. What do you think?


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