By the Warbling Gourds of Fruity Pebbles

Summer is the time for stupid fun, usually involving the consumption of larger than usual quantities of alcohol. Said consumption has the tendency to make for great times with good mates and when that happens... it is always good to put it on the internet.

Alternitively you could use this as an free advertisment for the Takashimaya Beer Garden in takasaki city which is a great nomihoudai for the summer months.

If however you are of a foreign persuasion, be nice and have good fun because the owner dislikes foreigners a fair amount. Can't blame him after being at a few of the ALT beer gardens and seeing how we take over the place. I would hate us too if it were my joint. So go with a few mates... drink up and party up! In the end. when we don't gaijin smash the crap out of the place we tend to be the life of the party... but maybe thats just cos my mates are epic!

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