Suma-Kobe-Hyogo (I can’t find an appropriate song title for this one)

Hung over after a rather epic night at Club Giraffe in Osaka. Takeyasu picked us up in his little yellow plate and took us for a ride. We first secured ourselves some accommodation for later that night. Deposited the luggage and went on little trip.
Through the highways and byways between the two cities, we made our way to the sea. Vast, wide and salty. One forgets Japan is a tiny ass little Island because when you live in landlocked Gunma.

It was long overdue.

keikqueline air something-fishy
There was this bizarre fishing pier jutting into the bay. which let us get a pretty nifty view of the surroundings… Yeah. What surroundings? but it was pretty damn awesome nonetheless.

We spotted Suma beach from the pier and we decided to head over there.


“Strand has bigger waves… but the local birdage made up for it”

Suma is a Japanese anomaly. The Sand (though a little coarse) is sand colour as opposed to the dodgy black volcanic sand that seems to be standard here. It is sealed off and enclosed by piers and break waters so you can’t go too far out and get yourself in real trouble. There were no real waves. not by South African standards anyway. Hell, even Strand has bigger waves than Suma, but the local birdage made up for it.
Capped it off with sundowners before heading back into Osaka that night for one last sleep in Kansai.
It was the perfect end to a perfect holiday in the most awesome place on earth.

I love Kansai and I cannot leave Japan till I have tried to live there for a little. It has given me a goal to push for… Now I just need to decide how much longer to ride the JET gravy train before I jump off.

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