Komochi Children’s Home… Round 3


I love this place.

I really do.

This session was a valentines day shindiggerymabobbie. Essentially we made V-Cards for each other. Kids had a blast, I had a blast. that's all that matters really ;)



The kids were in top form. Genki and super excited to have us there. I don't know how much it really means to them but I reckon it must be pretty damn good just judging by their excitement at having us there.


They do have a tendency to mock our horrific Japanese but its all in good fun. I don’t have any problem with it… Poor Jeevy however got quite uptight about it. I say its their way of appreciating us being there for them. They really don’t want to insult us.


Jeevs had a pretty cool game which I intend to steal and strip of it’s Canadianism re-use at Kita-chu

_1000902  Not much else to say really… I’ll go back!

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