Mabashi Hanabi Matsuri

On the weekend of the 9th of August Byron (one of the new Maebashi ALTs) told all the other new ALTs about the big fireworks shindig that was happening there so Tricia and I got a train there early.. hit some stores and got some Purikura (ts quite a process.... and i still need to get my pics from her :p) Then we met up with everyone else at the Kensho and walked to the bridge where the fireworks were going to be set off.... We also met the group B ALTs who had just arived a few days before. There were Yukata girls EVERYWHERE (drooooooooooool) and it was much like i'd imagined a big matsuri would be. there were Takoyaki and manju stands and a generally festive atmosphere despite the sprinkling of rain.

The pics are not mine... They were taken by Michelle Englar and Byron Ahn:
Michelle and Rosie with 2 girls in their yukata (kawaii) [photo by Michelle Englar]

Fireorks...2 straight hours of them! [photo by Byron Ahn]

Matsuri Munchies [photo by Byron Ahn]

[photo by Byron Ahn]

[photo by Byron Ahn]

[photo by Byron Ahn]

The Grand Finale.. the set the bridge on fire.. well not quit but that was the effect! [photo by Byron Ahn]

After the pyro Byron, Sayoko, Brian (the other new Shibukawa ALT) and I went to Dickens English pub and proceded to do a bowls club :p drunk conversations are the win! [photo by Byron Ahn]

and this is how we looked after much drinking outside the Family Mart in the burbs near Byron's and Sayoko's apartments... Yeah Brian and I had to kip in Maebashi and train back to Shibs the next day :p [photo by Byron Ahn]


Paul said...

DaRC, I am so jealous right now. that looks like an awesome jol. Good luck on the teaching and being poor but with an awesome car.

Oh yeah listening to Children of bodom - Everytime I Die


Phenie said...

/me wants to go~~

Those fireworks look so much more awesome that anything I've ever seen here and those are just photos. >_>;

Saw you got a car on facebook too... damn it was cheap! Aren't their weird taxes on cars and stuff though? or is that just for residents...?

Booked for any big name lives yet?

Hopefully I'll see you about later this year ^^

Reitsu said...

Oh wow! The fireworks are beautiful! @_@

Sounds [and looks] like you're having the time of your life in Japan!!!!

Daruku-sensei said...

I'm having the time of my life alright.

as for the fireworkS!!!!

holy hell they are EPIC here